Here you are, my most unwelcome spirit
Casting shadows of blue in my world
Though I am the sky, my stars bright
My heart is black
But yours is blacker
Black with malice
Mine, black with depth
Your invasion left scars and stains
But my whirling passion engulfed them
And turned them into flames
Fires by which I can live
Endless stories of pain to fuel them
Boundless and new emptiness to fill
Your cracks are papered already
As I knew they would be
Without that paper you cease to be
So clear from the start that was to me
My wild eyes saw your soul
As it escaped through your morbid eyes
Shrouding me in bleakness
Until I could but whisper my own name
Then in that blistering supernova at the end of time, I was born with a new wound
And you walked away covered in my ashes
Carried them into your next world
Unchanged and obvious
Still you protest to my wisdom
Still you act your life
Still you search for yourself in others
I want to tell you that it’s futile
But silence is my power now
As it was your weapon before
We are ghosts
Haunting each others worlds
But I’ll never show you where I lay
It’s far too late to pay your respects anyway


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