Painting her nails
There with red wine in a tumbler
Because she saw a French movie once and they were drinking it like that
She sips, a little escapes and runs down the side of her mouth, out of rouged lips onto pale skin
She wipes it with a finger, being careful not to smudge the polish
That’s green, like a pond or something
She thinks it’s quirky and
Fits with her depraved spirit somehow
I like that about her
But I don’t tell her
But I accept her that way
Sad and angry and in love and imperfect
Aesthetically pleasing through mediums foreign to me
But man it works
So why question it
Black crosses around her neck
Unusual underwear
No trousers
Band tee shirts
Ankle socks or bare feet
Strangely gratifying twinkle in her eye
Like an invite and a slap in the face all at once
Little tattoos about the earth and moon and words and music
Costume jewellery
Nose ring
Tears in her eyes


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