Designed demise.




Do it faster, but slower
Be more yellow, not green
Find your zen, but be upbeat
Be like you’re at a party, but don’t make a scene
Speak to God before bed, but don’t be a sucker
I love you, but you scare me
My thoughts have their own space
The darkness of the mind reaches further than we think
I’m quite mundane, it should be raining
But it isn’t
The calm around me is not interior
Will I transcend or will I fade out
My circular theme full of feeling
Untold pleasures and confusing damnation
Preoccupied with human suffering
Obsessed with answers
Endless questions
If I am revealed no one will care
No one will see
I shout ‘I still exist’
How many sad words can I write before anyone notices
This is not literature, it’s my life

She Devil

I was visited by the devil one night
She told me to unleash my angst
Pour it out onto the one I love
She convinced me that was right and just
She is not to be trusted
But I love her somehow
She persuades and cajoles with her seductive words and whispers
She turned me into an other
I didn’t recognise her

Red Behind the Eyes

The Devil is real
And he can be stunning
He can be anywhere
He’s the fallen seraphim
Formerly the favoured
Now exiled and angry
When I hear his voice I weep inside
When I feel his touch I shudder and gasp
He lives within my heart
Each beat another breath
Each murmur another tear
My blood is his blood
My bones are his bones
But he doesn’t know
I fear him – but not for danger
For deceit and damage
For lies and pain
For cheating and nightmares
I fear for myself – but not for harm
For my grief, my mind and my spirit
I fear I’ll lose what I have because he will forget my name again
I fear what I could become if this story is actualised in life and in truth
Then we could both be Devils
Walking the earth filled with sadness
Heavy hearts and broken minds
Human skin but red behind the eyes.