Dead night

I listened to the dawn
But she was dripping with melancholy and I needed hope
Sleep, you were not my friend last night
Showing me the horror of my mind
I fell under the neon sky
With needle eye love
And the beacons in my heart ablaze
With grief and gratitude
My mind, a prisoner of a heart in hell
Soul torn to pieces
Skin crawling blue
Awake with venom
Sleep with demons dancing to the tune of the moon
Day illuminates the shadows cast by broken hearts
And minds
And songs
Coffin nails
Golden pillow of dawn
Dusk, please come with haste
Happiness evades when it should envelop
I need the stars
I need the black, vast sky
I need the sounds of the night
I will die each night with the moonlight on my face
And I will love with my unabated heart of dreams
And I will forget my name to become an angel of Nephthys, goddess of the dead night.