Do it faster, but slower
Be more yellow, not green
Find your zen, but be upbeat
Be like you’re at a party, but don’t make a scene
Speak to God before bed, but don’t be a sucker
I love you, but you scare me
My thoughts have their own space
The darkness of the mind reaches further than we think
I’m quite mundane, it should be raining
But it isn’t
The calm around me is not interior
Will I transcend or will I fade out
My circular theme full of feeling
Untold pleasures and confusing damnation
Preoccupied with human suffering
Obsessed with answers
Endless questions
If I am revealed no one will care
No one will see
I shout ‘I still exist’
How many sad words can I write before anyone notices
This is not literature, it’s my life


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