Void of Sense and Heart

Welcome to this

All of this

The dumbed down masses that raise up fools to majesty and worth

The idiotic powerhouses that mindlessly brainwash the people, a mechanism that churns out consumers full of stupid fear and innocuous gratitude

I fear, but not because of those 3 minute miracles, I fear for the mash brained innocents that become conscripted by the vacuous machine

It is they who will make the difference in their millions, the dissenters will remain outcast and vagrant

The hobo collective of realists will suffer
And that is what I fear most of all

The quiet fire will rage behind the star studded smokescreens so those who can see it will not be believed, but cast out to the madhouses while their boney fingers reach for pills and powder to dull the mind and still the heart

Pain without reason is the best lesson I have learned.


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